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On a mission to spread the word about Aframerican Businesses...

Living in a urban community you can understand that at times when you are in need of a certain product or work of labor, it presents a challenge when trying to find someone that resonate with your community. Urban Neighbor's approach to this is to analyze and research the latest Aframerican Businesses so that they are communicated out to the Urban communities worldwide. 


Urban Neighbor's mission is to communicate Aframerican Businesses to the Urban communities which will help to gain knowledge and present awareness for the surrounding Urban areas. We believe that this would help to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness within the Aframerican Businesses across the globe.


Urban Neighbor's vision is to become a trusted partner within the Aframerican Communities by providing a platform that will revolutionize the way we do business as a community.


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Urban Neighbor is a professional and reliable business directory that caters to urban communities in regards to business, entrepreneurship, and finance.