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1. Ornami

Spawned from a past relationship, but fostered by supportive friends and family, Ornami’s all-natural skincare line was founded on the idea that sometimes finding happiness is a process of elimination. 
Boston, Massachusetts

2. My Olive Leaf

Extracts from the leaf of an olive plant has numerous medicinal properties which can provide several health benefits. 

3. Embrace Pangaea

Embrace Pangaea™ is a holistic company that has assisted over 20,000 people (like you) to eliminate toxins from their life by incorporating our natural hygiene products and herbal detoxes. 
Tallahassee, Florida

4. Ben's Body Basics

Ben's Body Basics is a BS-Free body care product brand. I offer the products with real benefits and quality, not perceived quality. This is the type of stuff you want to put on your body. I keep it 100! 

5. Empower Your Period

EYP encourages the use of Natural, menstrual health products and provides services educating girls/women about Reproductive health & self-esteem! 

6. Night Light Pediatrics Urgent Care

Founded by Dr. Anastasia L. Gentles, Zawadi Bryant and Connie Cazares, NightLight was created to brighten the prospect of pediatric urgent care by combining expert medical care with comfort and compassion. 
Sugar Land, Texas

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