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1. ENSO Apothecary

Ensō Apothecary LLC is a family-owned and operated company located in Dallas-Fort Worth. We create all-natural, holistic, handmade skin care products as an alternative to mainstream brands that host harsh and sometimes harmful ingredients. 

2. Hug My Hair

Dalilah Baruti; Founder of Hug My Hair, Author of How to Look After Your Natural Hair, Naturally In 2012 I turned a passion into a business and I haven't looked back since. 
London, England

3. Soultanicals

“Only the good stuff to make your hair and body swoon in self-loving bliss!” That’s the philosophy behind Soultanicals, a toxin-free, Vegan Hair/Body Care company created by Ayo Ogun-McCants, a Mom of 6. “The tearful hair-detangling… 
Gilbert, Arizona

4. Anita Grant

I found myself in hospital after my hands had been blistered by a lotion that contained propylene glycol (propane-1,2-diol). This ingredient is used widely as an humectant in hair care products, car antifreeze, and is generally referred to as safe.. 
High Wycombe, England

5. Ajike Shea Centre

Ajike Shea Centre is a social enterprise which was established to empower rural women who are the backbones of their families. Located at the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa, the centre was created not only to provide sustainable stable income. 
Ghana, Northern

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