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1. Sienna Naturals

Sienna Naturals is a foundational health regimen for textured hair that treats hair-care like skin care. Our highly effective and luxurious Wash Day Rituals restore hair's health through lightweight, natural ingredients, proven by science. 

2. Ornami

Spawned from a past relationship, but fostered by supportive friends and family, Ornami’s all-natural skincare line was founded on the idea that sometimes finding happiness is a process of elimination. 
Boston, Massachusetts

3. Joe's Gourmet

Joe's Gourmet makes the best breading on the Planet! Joe's Gourmet is a delicious all in one breading mix that's crushing any other breading mix 
Lithia Springs, Georgia

4. My Olive Leaf

Extracts from the leaf of an olive plant has numerous medicinal properties which can provide several health benefits. 

5. CurlMix

Kim and Tim are the co-founders of CurlMix, a clean beauty brand for curly hair. Their innovative take on clean beauty hair products has won them praise from top industry publications such as Refinery29, Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, and ABC TV. 
Chicago, Illinois

6. Enviro AgScience, Inc.

ENVIRO provides construction management and design-build landscape services and grounds maintenance. 
Columbia, South Carolina

7. VizX Design Studios

“Giving our clients power over their project is our main objective. Through 3D designing and rendering, our clients can visually understand their project before execution. 
Lisle, Illinois

8. Fast Wave Communication

Our team consists of Operations, Technology, and Project Management Professionals. Our goal is to enable companies to design and deploy value added network infrastructures. 
Atlanta, Georgia

9. Diva by Cindy

At the age of sixteen, my chemistry teacher taught me how to make hair products which inspired my love for beauty products and the desire to create the best for women. 
Baltimore, Maryland

10. Ace Pretroleum

ACE Petroleum is a premier national fuel supplier headquartered in Detroit. The company provides innovative fueling solutions to government agencies and commercial end users through an extensive and reliable carrier network and experienced logistics. 
Detroit, Michigan

11. Woke Babies

Our mission at Woke Babies is to get back to basics and help keep the art of reading books alive. We live in a time where children under the age of two can operate smart devices and entertain themselves for hours... 
England, England

12. Valance

Valence is a platform+community that will unlock the combined power of black professionals to create massive economic and social progress. 

13. Vegan Food House

Southern Vegan Cuisine, Vegan Food House is becoming a local gem in the Dallas community. Owner Elizabeth Bookman told a few friends and family members to come to her new restaurant, on the first day it opened in April. 
Dallas, Texas

14. Black News Channel

Introducing the first ever 24 hour Black News Channel created for Aframerican’s. The Black News Channel will be the nation’s first channel to fill a void when it comes to Aframerican news, education, and information. 

15. Sanaia Applesauce

Keisha Smith-Jeremie created sanaía because she believed that what we eat, provides us with the fuel we need to live the life we want. You might fall in love with our light sweet flavors like lychee and lavender, or the mysterious delectable ones... 

16. Millennium

Millennium Steel Service LLC provides steel processing, warehousing, and logistics services. The Company offers warehousing and supply-chain management including inventory management, inspection, slitting, and information technology system services. 

17. Blavity

Our vision is to economically and creatively support Black millennials across the African diaspora, so they can pursue the work they love, and change the world in the process. 
Los Angeles, California

18. North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company

North Carolina Mutual, founded in 1898, is the largest and oldest life insurance company in the United States with roots in the African-American community. 
Durham, North Carolina

19. Jumping Jack Taxes

Jumping Jack Tax is the first black owned tax corporation with over 300 partners around the country! 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

20. Sweet Georgia Brown

Dallas, Texas

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