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Discover a place where you can look for a service you want or provide a service that fits the needs of others.


First, choose a plan to suit your budget and strategy.

Then, use the registration form to create your business listing page.

As you go through the registration process, give your prospects the information they need to select a supplier. Describe your business, tell them where you are located, how you can be contacted. Build your web page which stands out!


Your business listing goes online.

You have the possibility to enter multilanguage content.

You get your account login and password so you can modify any time your business details, offers or events.



As soon as it goes online, your business listing page becomes visible to our users.

Your company gets visibility and ranking both on our website and on all national search engines.

You start getting leads and valuable traffic is driven to your website.

Your business listing page is also available on mobile phones.

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Great exposure

This platform was designed to help Urban Americans spread their talent and knowledge to others. Just remember that "Our network is our net worth" when it comes to being successful.

Great offers

Why viewing our directory, you may notice that some companies make offers to viewers to get them to view or purchase from their company. That's what this website is for.

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Great events

You may notice that events are posted on some companies to allow their viewership to grow. 

Available All the Time and Everywhere

Urban Neighbor would like to be that 24 / 7 company that provides users the business content that they are looking for when it comes to sharing business content.

Explore amazing places & sites

Upon viewing our directory, you will notices that there are many businesses spread accross the U.S. to help viewers.

Take advantage of our everyday offers

Not only does Urban Neighbor offer deals, other companies offer the same. Take a look around our directory for business offers.

Stay in the know when it comes to events

Most of our business listings will have events tied to a company. It's a way for a company to feature the latest event at that time.

We share our experience

All companies present within our directory will have the chance to share their company information with other companies and viewers.

Urban Neighbor

Urban Neighbor is a professional and reliable business directory for entreprenuers. Urban Neighbor can provide entreprenuers the ability to showcase their company and the possibility to promote business offers and events, map localization, zip code search, and much more.

Our directory

Urban Neighbor is a professional and reliable business directory that caters to urban communities in regards to business, entrepreneurship, and finance.